xmas present for cat lovers

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is just that.

xmas present for cat lovers

Throughout her years visiting people’s homes as a cat groomer, Anita Kelsey has amassed a vast array of funny, cute and ridiculous stories about cats and, of course, their owners. In Claws, she picks out just a few of her favourite tales to share with the reader from, ‘Sammy the Swooner’ to ‘Tubbs: The Fat Cat Caught in His Flap’.

Claws is a must-have book for all cat lovers by an author drawing on a lifetime of living with and professionally caring for cats in their various guises and eccentricities.

In the pages of Anita Kelsey’s entertaining and heart warming book, you’ll meet twenty of the most characterful cats, all eventually calmed and preened to their natural beauty and animal magnificence by the author.

Meet their owners, too, and enjoy Anita’s take on the individual relationships between pet and owner.

A perfect xmas book for any cat lovers or secret santa gifts for the office.


“Laugh out loud funny stories. Definitely a book for cat lovers” – Your Cat Magazine 

‘A Real Insight Into Feline Behaviour. Hilarious’ – Love Sunday magazine (Mirror)

“Great little snapshots into the ordinary lives of the average cat owning Great British Public! ” – Amazon UK 5 ***** reviewer

‘This is essential reading for cat lovers, and a highly amusing, often enlightening read for anyone else’ – Amazon UK 5 ***** reviewer

‘Entertaining and educational anecdotes on cat grooming by a highly esteemed professional’ – Amazon US 5 ***** reviewer

“The book is beautifully put together, so it would make a lovely gift for the mad cat person in your life”- Amazon UK 5 ***** reviewer

” I found myself laughing out loud on many occasions and more than once shed a tear for the sad plight of a cat she was helping” – Amazon UK 5 ***** reviewer

‘Funny and informative’ – Amazon US 5**** reviewer


BUY YOUR US COPY TODAY               BUY YOUR UK COPY TODAYclaws confessions of a professional cat groomer by Anita Kelseyclaws confessions of a professional cat groomer by Anita Kelsey

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xmas present for cat lovers

xmas present for cat lovers

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