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The best cat toys to suit your cats nature

Not all cats are the same. Some like playing with feathers, some like chasing paper balls. But there’s one thing for certain. Most cats like playing. If your cat is not interacting with you the chances are you are buying the wrong kind of toys to suit your cats nature. If your cat is a natural hunter or the breed of cat you have were natural hunters with bags of energy then the best cat toys should be interactive and mimic hunting.

The best toys for this are Da bird Feather toy or Da Mouse. Your cat will LOVE chasing after them. These can be brought from the Catnips Amazon UK store. Toys like Laser pens are brilliant also for hunting skills especially for the in-door cat. You can also buy motorised toys and one which has scored the highest points with very active cats is a toy called Undercover Mouse. This toy featured on US Cat behaviourist, Jackson Galaxy’s, My Cat From Hell series and was an instant success. Watch your cat and see how they interact with different toys and then you can see for yourself what they are drawn to.

Notice whether like like chasing flies.. yes.. there’s a toy that mimics that too. The Neko fly also recommended by Jackson Galaxy. Get the right toy and you will run off all the pent up frustration a cat may feel being locked in all day. You have a duty to your cat to make their in-door life as fun as possible.

Think outside the box and you will have a very happy kitty to share life with.

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