Catnips Of Notting Hill is a West-London-cat-sitter company established in 2009 by cat behaviourist and specialised cat groomer Anita Kelsey.




Starting out with a handful of clients Catnips reputation grew, via word of mouth and excellent 5 star client references, to become the leading West-London-cat-sitter service in the heart of the area.


          • Same West-London-cat-sitter always. Catnips does not hire any other sitters. We like it small, discrete and personal.


          • Impeccable client references (any client can be contacted for peace fo mind)


          • Fully insured with one of London’s leading animal insurers


          • Video, photos and text updates via social media or text/email (whichever your preference)


          • Short notice West-London-cat-sitter service no problem. We deal with many business clients who have last minute requests.


          • Key emergencies? Some clients have found themselves locked out. Catnips is based just off of Portobello Road and therefore can deal with any kind of emergency quickly and efficiently.


          • Live in West-London-cat-sitter service available if preferred


          • Basic cat behaviour advice can be given upon request.


          • Professional cat grooming by Anita Kelsey can be arranged during your time away


          • Individual accounts for business clients can be set up for payment ease.


          • Every day West-London-cat-sitter visits only

To enquire about a West-London-cat-sitter in Notting Hill and surrounding areas please with your dates, post code and contact details.



So what makes Catnips Of Notting Hill stand out.


“I made sure the company remained small and personal. I didn’t, and still don’t, hire other people to do my work. My standards are high and I take seriously the trust people put in me when handing their house keys over or the care of their cat(s) who most people, including myself, see as our fur babies. If ever I couldn’t or can’t do any work on given days my husband would and still does stand in to assist me.”


When asked about the idea of catteries Anita’s response is:


“I am sure there are some excellent catteries out there but cats have strong territorial attachments so are best left at home when the owner needs to travel. Surrounded by familiarity cats, unlike dogs, can cope well with their owners on leave and one or two daily visits by a trustworthy reliable cat sitter will be sufficient to meet all of your cats needs. A live in cat sitter can also be arranged. For cats that are free roaming and have outside access via a cat flap being taken away from their core territory is extremely stressful. Within a day another neighbouring cat could have taken over a well guarded area. Cats put into an unknown territory such as a cattery can show signs of stress through aggression in which the cat carer will have little idea about how to manage this unexpected response. A cat may spend its time trying to find a safe place to hide or nest into and will not relax as easily and quickly as its cat owner or new temp cat carer would assume. As a human you feel it is the best option, for your cat, to have company even if it is in a different environment but for a cat this is highly stressful. To enquire about out live in cat sitting service or daily visits please email.


Anita was asked about larger pet sitting companies expanding all over London:


“I thought long and hard about expanding Catnips once it became successful but at the end of the day I realised I’m not so much interested in making tons of money. I am interested only in providing a personalised one on one service with clients who can trust me 100% to do a good job. I am only interested in doing the best I can with the knowledge I have. I love cats with a passion, study them, groom them and I consider no job to be too beneath me. I learn from all cats. Why would I want to give this fantastic job to strangers who may or may not be able to provide the high standard I am known and hired for. Why would I complicate matters and go into areas I know nothing about. Keeping the business small means I have complete control over the quality of service I provide. Most of my clients have become good friends. I wouldn’t want it any other way. Money isn’t everything”


Starting out with clients in the Notting Hill area only Catnips extended its services to provide cat sitting in Holland Park, cat sitting in Westbourne Park, cat sitting in Ladbroke Grove, cat sitting in Maida Vale and cat sitting in Bayswater. Catnips has been busy everyday of the year standing in for cat guardians who travel a lot for work or need a well earned holiday.

6 years ago Anita went on to establish a mobile cat grooming service working closely with vets to give compassionate holistic low stress handling grooming and is one of the leading cat grooming experts in London. Her services are highly sought and recommended by vets all over London and outside. She also grooms at Addisons Vets on occasional days and is expert dealing with aggressive or phobic cats.

Anita holds a BA Hons for studies in cat psychology at Middlesex University and runs a vet referred cat behaviour practice from her home in W11. Before university she studied for two years with renowned cat biologist and behaviour expert Roger Tabor

She knows cats inside out so you couldn’t be leaving your cats’ care with a better company.


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West-London-cat-sitter service at it’s very best.

Your cat(s) WILL get the best possible care

Video of Moose with a present from Catnips

Noodles gets full attention from Catnips

  • “Anita is by far the best, most caring and capable cat sitter I’ve ever had! I would recommend her to anybody looking for a caring, trustworthy, cat expert to spend time with your cats. If you are looking for somebody to come and give your cat food and water every other day and leave, she is not that person. She’ll go above and beyond every time and has now made all other cat sitters look inferior to me. Highly recommended!!”

    Tanya Amaya - Maida Vale
  • Anita has been always a wonderful and extremely reliable in her job looking after our two cats, Tiger and Jasper. Every time, both for short and longer periods Anita has been extremely professional, not only regarding her care for our cats but also offering very helpful advices on cats behaviour and needs. While we were abroad she kept in touch on daily basis, sending pictures and videos of Tiger and Jasper. Upon return at home our cats were still looking for her for several days, proving that the time they spent together was a really good one. She also brought them nice toys and special food! I would recommend Anita to anyone looking for a trusted and professional cat sitter.

    Tara Petrolino - Notting Hill

West-London-cat-sitter company

Anita will ensure that your cat receives the absolute best care and attention.

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We will only ever do daily visits and will not take any requests for every other day UNLESS you have someone coming in, on the days we are not, to properly care for your cat.

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