Cat Tips

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Common sense


• If you have two cats the general rule is 2/3 litter trays

• Large cat = large litter tray!

• Watch for food bullying! Easily noticed when one cat is getting much larger than the others! You may be surprised. Stand and watch when you feed them. Also make sure they have their own food bowls. If bullying is likely, which can just be as subtle as a stare, then feed in different places.

• Always clean out soiled litter everyday. I know the crystal type litters state that you can leave the soiled toilet in there and only clear out once a week but this is not nice for your cat! Imagine having to walk on your bodily waste everyday! Mmmm… Now you will see it differently I’m sure. Nappy bags are 29p each for 100. Keep some by their litter to put your cats daily waste in to then throw out.

• If you have an indoor cat always get a scratching post. That’s if you value your furniture. Cat’s need to scratch to sharpen their claws and to keep them trim too.

• Never put the litter tray by their food.

• Always groom long haired cats with a comb not brush. I’ve seen some cats in a real state because they have just been left un-groomed.

• Place a bowl of food down where kitty is peeing away from the litter tray. Cats will never pee near any food.

• If you want two cats buy two as kittens. If you already have a cat and think it’s lonely then think again. Most cats bond with humans much more than other cats and a single cat who is already established it’s territory will not appreciate another cat or kitten bought into their home. You may find out too late when both kittys are fighting and unhappy.

• Never stop trying to play with your cat. It’s a great bonding time and also stimulates your cat. Buy toys that initiate hunting!

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