professional cat groomer South, East, West, North London

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Svetlana Broussova – professional cat groomer South, East, West, North London Testimonial

Anita is an extraordinary person. Her passion and love towards cats is absolutely beyond imagination. I wish more people on this planet were as caring and devoted towards animals’ welfare as Anita. Our world would be perfect then! Anita has the most gentle approach in grooming cats. She understands cats’ behaviour extremely well, their needs, personality and temperament. It is crucial to bond with the cats in order to make sure that they enjoy the grooming process and are happy to be groomed. Cats are fast learners and it is down to professional cat groomers to make their experience pleasurable – Anita certainly knows exactly how to do it. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Anita, as she is the one of the top cat groomers in London and in the country. Lucky cats who meet Anita! Anita also writes wonderful articles, bringing awareness to the public on the importance of looking after our small and very dependent beautiful cats. She is one of the pioneers in the field of cat behaviour. I wish her only the best! Warmest regards,


If you have been seeking a professional cat groomer South, East, West, North London then you have come to the perfect website.

professional cat groomer South, East, West, North LondonAnita Kelsey is an expert holistic cat groomer with years of experience.

She travels to all homes in and around London offering a cat grooming service which involves NO muzzling or restraints but rather gentle and understanding handling.

All cats are treated with the utmost respect.

If you wish the best professional cat groomer South, East, West, North London then please email with a photo of your cat, your post code, coat condition, any aggression issues connected with handling or grooming. Anita can then send you an accurate quote.


Anita is based in Notting Hill but travels far and wide so please do always ask.

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About the Author


Anita Kelsey graduated from Middlesex University with a first class Honours degree (work based) in Feline Behaviour and Psychology. She runs a vet referral cat behaviour consultancy in Notting hill, London. Anita also trained in cat grooming at master level and is known for her valuable work with extremely aggressive cats. She is a regular contributor to Your Cat magazine, Cats Protection magazine and The Canine and Feline Behaviour Association of which she is a fully member. Anita is fully recognised, by pet insurance companies and veterinary practices, as an accredited qualified cat behaviour practitioner. Home visit consultations are offered in London and anywhere else in the UK.