Mobile cat grooming Whitechapel: Suma

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Ray Prior – Whitechapel

My cat is a female Ragdoll named Suma. Suma is a long haired cat and is 4 years old. I adopted her when she was 18 months old. Suma is a house cat, inquisitive, playful but, somewhat shy of strangers. Daily grooming has to be on her terms. Whilst she is relatively happy me doing most of the coat, she is a ‘don’t touch my backside’ kinda cat. Though a very clean cat as time passed that area started to get matted. I searched on line to try and find a cat only grooming parlour but could find none locally only dual cat and dog parlours, which I did not want. In desperation I googled ‘home grooming for cats’ and to my surprise and delight up came ‘Catnips – Cat Care, Cat Grooming and Behaviour Services’

It was evident from our initial e-mails that Anita and I were on the same wavelength. The grooming experience was a joy. Inevitably Suma struggled like mad but Anita was firm but very gentle. Having me there as well we managed to get Suma relatively calm so that a really thorough grooming could be done.

After Anita had finish and Suma was set ‘free’ she behaved as if nothing undignified had happened. From past experience if she is stressed she slopes of and hides for hours.

After the groom Anita gave me some very useful tips for daily grooming and what equipment I should buy. She also gave recommendations on the best kind of feeders, toys and equipment to keep her happy.

All in all a wonderful experience for both Suma and I. I’m so please and relieved to have found Catnips and look forward to using Anita’s services again

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