Mobile cat grooming Tottenham: Prince

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Laura Mcllroy – Tottenham

A huge thank you to Anita for making the whole process as stress free as possible.

It was never going to be an easy groom as he had lots of knots and needed to be shaved but I am genuinely over the moon with how it went. In the past Prince has been extremely vocal when being professionally groomed (to the point where I found it upsetting) but with Anita he was so much more relaxed. Yes, there were the typical protests but Anita gave him lots of reassurance and affection and really understood him. I was also amazed that when being bathed and dried he didn’t make a sound and even seemed to enjoy the special hairdryer! (he normally runs a mile when I’m drying my hair).

It is also nice to hear that Anita dedicates herself fully to cats in the work and studying she is undertaking; it really shows and I know he is in the best hands and that’s what all cat-owners want. Very professional service and good information provided prior to the groom which was very helpful too.

He looks so fabulous now and seems to have even more spark to him. I will definitely be returning to Anita next time.

Thank you!

Laura & Prince

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