mobile cat grooming in London

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mobile cat grooming in London – FEEDBACK

Watson is a happy cat again! Anita groomed him for the first time and thanks to her advise we took Watson to the vet that same evening (she even gave us a lift to the vets!) as he had his claws digging into his pads and bad arthritis on his back legs which for a 16 year old cat is not uncommon, but no one wants to see their baby hurting.

Anita groomed him with care, gave him cuddles and even a little catnip toy he won’t let go off now. She spent 2 hours patiently grooming him.

She played music to relax Watson and it really helped put me at ease too as it is not easy grooming a cat in pain. We are glad to have found a local home visit groomer that is caring to our Watson. She even followed up to see how the visit to the vets went.

He is a happy boy again and looks gorgeous!



Are you seeking mobile cat grooming in London?

If you have found yourself on this page, are a cat guardian and live in London, then it’s more than likely that you will be seeking a cat groomer to visit your home to groom your cat.

Why this mobile cat grooming in London service stands out:

  • Your cat groomer, Anita Kelsey, is experienced, fully trained, and able to visit your home anywhere in London and outside.
  • No archaic face muzzles or restraints ever used. Compassionate low stress handling techniques applied
  • You may be present at all times during your cat’s grooming session
  • Impeccable client references. Any clients can be contacted for further peace of mind
  • Expert in handling aggressive cats, difficult situations, shy cats or elderly cats
  • Full public liability insurance
  • Last minute bookings can be considered depending on diary
  • Your cat grooming tools checked and basic advice given to see you into the future.
  • Cat grooming under sedation, for fearful or aggressive cats, can be arranged depending on circumstances
  • Day or evening appointments available
  • Anita loves cats and understands their behaviours and patterns.

Watson was happy with his mobile cat grooming in London service and your cat will be too!

Please contact your mobile cat grooming in London company for a quote.


All enquiries most welcome.

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