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“Anita is an extraordinary person. Her passion and love towards cats is absolutely beyond imagination. I wish more people on this planet were as caring and devoted towards animals’ welfare as Anita. She has the most gentle approach in grooming cats. She understands cats’ behaviour extremely well, their needs, personality and temperament. It is crucial to bond with the cats in order to make sure that they enjoy the grooming process and are happy to be groomed. Cats are fast learners and it is down to professional cat groomers to make their experience pleasurable – Anita certainly knows exactly how to do that. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Anita, as she is the one of the top cat groomers in London and in the country. Anita also writes wonderful articles, bringing awareness to the public on the importance of looking after our small and very independent beautiful cats. She is one of the pioneers in the field of cat behaviour. I wish her only the best! Warmest regards”

Ms Svetlana Broussova, Owner of Pet Universe


  • Why choose this Mobile Cat Groomer?

    • Your Mobile Cat Groomer is not a dog groomer/parlour who grooms cats on the side. Cats have very different needs are require expert handling with this in mind
    • Shaving of matts and pelts (Lion cuts are only done if cat pelted, not as a fashion style)
    • Hygiene cut (hind quarters / sides trimmed where necessary)
    • Wet or dry bath
    • Nails clipped
    • Ears and eyes checked and cleaned
    • Pricing reflects high level personalised expert grooming which is customised to your cats personality and response to being handled. Each grooming visit is tailored to your cat and not run of the mill cat grooming
    • The highest quality shampoos are used. These have been specifically designed for cats to be gentle and promote shine in coats.
    • Fresh clean towels provided for all baths
    • Grooming advice given on every groom and your grooming tools checked
    • Aggressive and timid cats handled with expert modification techniques from years of experience with more difficult frightened cats
    • No jobs are rushed. Anita takes her time to ensure your cat(s) is/are treated humanely with love, patience and with a gentle approach. Her behaviour consultancy work comes into play with cats that have a particular bad reaction/phobia towards grooming. A bad groom can set this type of work back months so choose who you get to groom your cat very wisely. It’s the most important decision you will be making.
    • MUZZLES ARE NEVER USED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. No scruffing ever! Sedation can be requested for difficult cases / circumstances. Click for my unique cat grooming under sedation service in conjunction with Addison Vets in Holland Park.
    • 5 star references from present clients

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    Claws, Confessions Of A Cat Groomer

    Mobile Cat Groomer FEEDBACK
    “From the start Anita offered the most reassuring service with a kind, caring, compassionate approach and an endless love and understanding for cats which is reflected in her service and treatment. My cat was given a total makeover after being extremely poorly treated by her previous owners, Anita supported me with everything and gave me great after care which is continuing. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else, Anita charges far less than she deserves for the service she offers. Endless thanks Anita”


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  • Mobile Cat Groomer TESTIMONIAL 

    Anita is quite simply a Goddess among Cats and Humans! She brings the owner and the cat together making the experience shared and even though in the case of our darling Flower, at the ripe old age of 20 and a half she was not an easy prospect- Anita never ever gave up- and took lots of time above all making sure Flower was not distressed. Anita is extremely professional and so helpful- Wonderful too that she is able to keep the cat in its home environment and as happy and relaxed as possible. Thank You…..

    Actress Sally George


Mobile cat grooming in London with Persian cat called Diamond from Feline Behaviour Consultancy on Vimeo.


Lucky after her bath




Anita is everything you could ask for in a cat groomer. Kind, caring, conscientious and good! She is brilliant with difficult cats and does a professional job time after time – her clients are always satisfied. I cannot recommend her or her services highly enough.

                                        Sarah Parrish. Head nurse, Addisons Vets.

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