Indoor Cats

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Keeping your indoor cat happy


Not every one is lucky enough to have a garden for their cat to play in especially in London. Also it is a known fact that most people with a particular breed of cat keep them exclusively as indoor cats.

For cats that are kept indoors, or ones that did have a garden but were moved into a place which no outside access it is essential that they are given lots of stimulation within the four walls which will make up their home for the rest of their lives! You and I are able to go outside everyday and be stimulated by hundreds of different sensations, sounds, visual candy, but it is a different story for the indoor cat who only has what you leave him/her to play with.

If you have space it is always better to get two kittens from the same litter as they will keep each other company during the long hours when you are at work. Some breeders will not sell a kitten unless they are sold in pairs. This makes so much sense when you think about it. But also remember kittens grow into cats so make sure you will have the space for two adult cats and also the financial resources. A quick word of warning. If you already have one cat and think it’s lonely as a single cat think again. Most people make the mistake of bringing another cat into their home as company for the first cat but this generally leads to conflict and unhappiness. The first cat has already established it’s territory and it’s special bond with you and will not take too kindly to another cat entering his/her space.

Cats are natural hunters so any toys that stimulate this type of behaviour is a must for indoor cats. Toy mice, spiders, and any toys that make a sound when picked up make excellent playthings esp brightly coloured ones. A cardboard box will supply endless entertainment even when it has been battered to a pulp. Your cat will still find a way to crawl inside or underneath it like it was a matter of life and death! One great toy that I bought was the cat tunnel under toys in Catnips store. My cats LOVE it! They also love the cat cube and feathers on a wire are also the best hunting mimic toy on the market. Called Da Bird also in the Catnips store.

Cat towers are also highly recommended for indoor cats. Most cats love to climb so any opportunity for your cat to climb will be relished. Just punch in cat tower or cat furniture into any search engine and you will see a huge array of items on offer. Place near a window so your cat has a view and can watch the birds!

Grass is essential too and your cats will love having the opportunity to taste it as a normal out-door cat would. They also love to rub against grass too. It’s easy to grow and you can buy special grass cubes for cats from any pet store or from the Catnips store.

Also check out this wonderful cat DVD that I have recently discovered. Especially designed for the indoor cat this DVD features singing birds, fish swimming back and forth and various other critters that your cat would love to get hold of and eat! Check out It may seem crazy but hey, we are cat people! I sell them in the Catnips store.

My cats with their video!!


If you can have a wire mesh cat box made to attach to your window, especially if you are not on the ground floor, then this should be looked into. Your cat will love you for taking the time to supply somewhere for him/her to sit outside on to get some fresh air. Cat boxes can easily be made by a local carpenter or even a friend who is handy with wood! Wire mesh can be bought in any hardware store including Wicks and Homebase and also most garden centres. Attaching a cat box to your window from the outside is very easy to do so give your cat the best present ever!

Another great stimulator is a water fountain for your cat. There are many different varieties out there and your cat will have endless fun drinking from it and playing with the water drops. Seeing as you are not in to keep turning the kitchen tap on for kitty, the fountain will do until you return home from work!

Last but not least, don’t come home and get straight on your computer or crash in front of the TV without giving kitty some attention. The days can be very long and boring for an indoor cat and they will be very excited to see you when you get home from work so time put aside for play is absolutely essential for your cats well-being. Spend some time showing them just how special they are to you. After all, your cat isn’t just there for your entertainment. They need something from you too!

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