Ladbroke Grove Cat Sitter

cat sitter Ladbroke Grove

Catnips Of Notting Hill is a cat care company established in 2009 by cat behaviour expert and specialised cat groomer Anita Kelsey.

Starting out with a handful of cat sitting clients Catnips reputation grew, via word of mouth and excellent client references, to become the leading cat sitting company in Notting Hill. From there Catnips extended its exclusive cat sitting service to W10 – Ladbroke Grove and surrounding areas. Providing cat sitting services for W11, W9, W2. W10.

Catnips does not hire strangers, is discrete, is vet recommended and has impeccable client references.

Catnips is a Ladbroke Grove Cat Sitter you can trust.

So what makes Catnips stand out? Anita Kelsey explains:









I made sure the company remained small and personal. I didn’t hire other people to do my work. My standards are high and I take seriously the trust people put in me when handing their house keys over. If ever I couldn’t do any work on given days my husband would stand in to assist me”

When asked about the idea of catteries Anita’s response is:

reliable-cat-sitter-Ladbroke Grove








I am sure there are some excellent catteries out there but cats have strong territorial attachments so are best left at home when the owner is gone. Surrounded by familiarity cats, unlike dogs, can cope well with the isolation and one or two daily visits by a trustworthy reliable cat sitter will be sufficient to meet all of your cats needs. A live in cat sitter can also be arranged”

Catnips Ladbroke Grove Cat Sitter visits are 30 minutes of quality time spent with your cat. Regular cat photos and updates via video and photo’s on any social media you wish. Also available via email or texts.

Catnips Ladbroke Grove Cat Sitter is based in the heart of Notting Hill  so we can deal with any rare emergency quickly and effectively.

  • We are known and recommended by all vets in the area and are fully insured.
  • You will not be handing over a key to a stranger that lives in East or North london or have to deal with different cat sitters every time!
  • We are locals.
  • We are your neighbours
  • You get the same cat sitter every time unless an unexpected event happens in which case cover is immediate and would be someone 100% insured and trusted implicitly.

For the very best cat sitter in W10 Ladbroke Grove there is only one choice – CATNIPS.


 All photo’s were taken by Anita of Catnips cats. Copyright 2014 applies.