Introducing Jackson Galaxy

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Best cat behaviourist

If you haven’t heard of this man already then I’m here to introduce him to you. He’s an American cat lover/behaviourist hero supreme and his TV shows and books and web site are always packed full to the hilt on all aspects of cat behaviour and tips to ensure you and your cat spend the best time possible together. He has become a walking bible for me and everyone who owns a cat should read up about him and learn.

Join the Jackson Galaxy fan club and you soon be a walking cat Encyclopaedia and my job on this planet will be done 😉

Cat bloggers around the world have had a field-day with jackson Galaxy. Click on the Catster cat blogger below for all the links to the interviews from all the best cat bloggers around the planet:

Jackson tips on how to catify your home.. courtesy of Conscious Cat below:

Some basic Jackson tips taken from exclusivelycatsblog:

  1.  Create a cat-friendly environment. It can help redirect unsuitable behavior and expands the cat’s territory. Some cats are tree dwellers and some are bush dwellers, he says

  2.  Cats need vertical space; it enables them to survey their world from a safe perspective. Since many cats spend so much time indoors, we need to make their world as big as possible and vertical space enables that to be done.

  3.  Play is importance in helping a cat work out its energy. It also helps in forging a bond.

  4.  Environmental enrichment in the form of puzzle toys and clicker training, helps in deterring inappropriate behavior.

  5.  It’s important to learn to read a cat’s body language. Instead of reaching out and grabbing your cat, relax nearby. Extend a finger, do a slow relaxing blink (kitty kisses). Galaxy often offers his eyeglasses – they are non threatening and have his scent. He often talks soothingly to the cat (“Pumpkin” seems to be one of his favorite terms of endearment.)

  6.  Learn the signs of over-stimulation (a good way to avoid getting scratched!): dilated pupils, swishing tail, airplane ears are all warnings that the cat wants to you to stop whatever you’re doing to it.

  7.  The litter box needs to be place in an accessible, yet safe, location, not hidden away.

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