how to handle a scared cat

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Would you know how to handle a scared cat?

Being sensitive to a situation is key when it comes to grooming a shy or timid cat 

It is not about controlling the cat during a cat grooming session. It is about us changing HOW we work with the cat – in other words.. working WITH the cat.

Patience and understanding are the key with each individual cat.

                                                                                                               Anita Kelsey – 2016

A scared cat will lash out at you especially if you are not sensitive to the situation and become frustrated with the cat. I am sure we have all been in this situation and have probably done the wrong thing to make the situation worse and the cat more frightened. US behaviourist Jackson Galaxy demonstrates, in a short You Tube clip. how to handle a scared cat. Courtesy of Animal Planet:

Grooming timed frightened cats is challenging especially when the cat is matted.

I have studied and trained in handling cats that are shy or aggressive during grooming. I work using low stress handling techniques in challenging circumstances. Muzzling is not the way forward. Face muzzles used during grooming only makes matters worse. It makes a shy timid cat terrified and an aggressive cat even more aggressive.

Below is a video of a shy cat after a grooming session by me. The client told me that her cat is so shy that it is terrified of any strangers, runs a mile and will go into fight or flight. The video below shows Buddy after his groom. I was patient and worked with the cat to relax it. The client was amazed.

Below is a video of an extremely frightened cat. The groom had to be stopped, in fact it never really got started. Luckily the cat was not matted. If the cat was matted this groom would have been offered under sedation.

 Are you seeking a cat groomer who knows how to handle a scared cat?

I travel all over London offering cat grooming sessions in clients home, to work with fearful or timid cats. My handling techniques are gentle and compassionate. I can also offer cat grooming tuition to clients so that they can move into the future with confidence.

Whatever your situation is I can offer the best possible cat grooming advice.


All enquiries most welcome.

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