DUTY OF CARE From April 6th 2007, under the requirements of the new legislation called 'The Small Animal Welfare Bill', I am obliged by law to implement a record keeping system for each individual animal in my care. This is a requirement of every business involved with the care of small animals. Before any grooming can take place I need you to sign this document to acknowledge. Please state this statement has been understood..... *
Please state yes or no: I have made known, to Anita Kelsey, any health or behaviour issues of my cat. *
Please state yes or no: I have been sent and read the Cat Shave Off Consent form and the Terms and Conditions Form and am happy for Anita Kelsey to proceed with the grooming of my cat(s). By signing this registration form I agree to all points made in both forms. *
Please state yes or no: I agree to give permission for Anita Kelsey to obtain veterinary assistance in an emergency. This will be at my expense unless directly caused by the groomer. *
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Cats name and age *
Breed of cat *
Vets name and address *
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Any medical history *
Normal personality/temperament *
Temperament during grooming (if known) *
By signing this form: I confirm that the above information has been given in good faith and is truthful. That my pet is fit and healthy and any medical condition has been noted above. I agree that the groomer will not be held responsible or liable for irritation abrasion, patchiness or hair loss due to any pre-existing skin condition or as a result of the process of grooming, de-matting, shaving or any other mishap caused by the un-disclosure of my cats medical condition or behaviour. If my cat becomes too aggressive, un-manageable or too stressed the groomer may take the decision, at her own discretion, to stop the grooming process. If this happens the full payment still stands. The groomer agrees to work with your cat and do their best to complete any grooming with the least stress possible. I agree to pay any costs due if my cats health causes concern and my vet has to be called or visited. Please sign.......... *