Cat Sitting Testimonials

  • cat grooming Mitcham

    by Valerie Wenham – cat grooming Mitcham Absolutely delighted with the wonderful job Anita has achieved with my elderly Ms Kia who was angelic throughout – still can hardly believe it!  She was in a very matted state, and now is back on my bed and very purry and affectionate – almost unheard of these […]

  • mobile cat groomer London

    cat sitting company Notting Hill W11

    by Barbara Hicks – Notting Hill, W11 My vet recommended Catnips to me and told me they provide the best cat care in the area. That was enough to help me decide. I had a consultation with Anita and booked 2 weeks of cat sitting for my cat Humphrey. I received video footage of him relaxed and […]

  • Holland Park professional cat sitting

    Holland Park professional cat sitting

    by Lisa and Michael Winchester – W11 –Holland Park professional cat sitting testimonial Simply the best! Booking in cat care was easy and we felt extremely relaxed with the whole process, having never used a cat sitting company before. Everything felt professional but friendly. We would have no hesitation in booking Catnips for our future […]

  • Notting Hill cat sitting service

    by Veronica Harding – W11 – Notting Hill cat sitting service I have a much loved cat called Jinx and was extremely worried about leaving him alone. Catnips has been amazing. I booked two visits and received daily updates of video’s with Jinx looking relaxed and playful. I couldn’t have been more happier with the service […]

  • Notting Hill Cat Sitting Company

    Notting Hill Cat Sitting Company

    by Elizabeth Morley – Pippin, W11 We have been using Catnips,  Notting Hill Cat Sitting Company was years now. I would not trust anyone else with my cat and the keys to my home. Anita is trustworthy, 100 professional and reliable and second to none with the care of my cats and the care of […]

  • applied-animal-behaviour-counsellor

    cat sitting in Notting Hill

    by David & Sharon Myers – cat sitting in Notting Hill testimonial Our elderly cat, Mushroom, needed sitting whilst we visited my parents in new Zealand. The trip was a month long and we were ultra worried about leaving Mushroom. We googled cat sitting in Notting Hill and came across Catnips and Anita. from the […]

  • Holland Park professional cat sitting

    Notting Hill Cat Sitting Company

    by Janice Keeley – W11 – Figgy & Peanuts I was really nervous about leaving my two cats as I have not used a cat sitting service before but a friend recommended the Notting Hill Cat Sitting Company and that is where I met Anita and her fantastic second to none cat care. Anita is amazing. […]

  • cat sitter Ladbroke Grove

    cat sitting Ladbroke Grove

    by Nina Taylor – cat sitting Ladbroke Grove – cats Batman and Robin Anita is a fantastic cat sitter – I couldn’t recommend her more highly. Not only did my cats take to her and enjoy her company (even the shy one), her updates were great to receive – videos, photos and messages sent everyday […]

  • cat sitter W11

    Notting Hill cat sitting company

    by Justine Chateaux – Notting Hill  – Cat Freja Christmas holidays were our first time away from London and also the first time we couldn’t find anyone to look after our cat Freja. We usually ask friends to look after her but at this time of the year it was impossible to find someone available […]

  • Notting Hill Cat Sitting Company

    Notting Hill cat sitters

    by Chanelle and Philip – Notting Hill, W8 review Notting Hill cat sitters Anita looked after Petit-choux and Zissou whilst we were away for two weeks in August 2015. It is always difficult to leave your furry darlings and to leave them with someone you don’t know is even harder but this time we knew they […]

  • notting hill gate cat sitting

    notting hill gate cat sitting company

    by Jackie Thursting – Ninja – notting hill gate cat sitting company testimonial I was really nervous about hiring a cat sitter as I have never done this before but Anita was amazing. Not only did she care for Ninja but she also groomed him whilst I was away. I came back to a relaxed and happy […]

  • Cat sitting Notting Hill

    notting hill cat sitting company

    by Katherine Lowry – Moose Moose and I moved here a year ago from the U.S. without the large network of family and friends we were used to at home, so Anita has been an absolute life saver for us.  She’s amazing with Moose and very professional.  I sometimes thinks he likes her more than […]

  • kitten sitting Ladbroke Grove

    kitten sitting Ladbroke Grove

    by Eline Lang – kitten sitting Ladbroke Grove testimonial It has been a pleasure to have Anita around to take care of Fluffy. She is very reliable and it is great to receive update every day with some nice videos and pictures of my cat. I think Fluffy really enjoyed it. We will continue to […]

  • cat sitting Westbourne Park

    by Grace  – cat sitting Westbourne Park testimonial I found Anita to be reliable and incredibly engaged in my cat Syd’s health and well-being. She took great care to keep her on a consistent feeding schedule, gave her lots of cuddles and played with her often, even bringing her some new toys! I received photos […]

  • Notting Hill Cat Company

    cat sitter Bayswater

    by George Schmidt – cat sitter Bayswater testimonial We had to travel for three weeks and were very worried about our highly social cat.  Anita helped us customize a plan to ensure that our cat was well looked after, provided frequent updates, and generally gave us great peace of mind!  I highly recommend Anita; she […]

  • Harrow road cat sitter

    Harrow road cat sitting

    by MOGG TESTIMONIAL Thank you for looking after Mogg in November; she was happy and content when we returned to her after a few days away in Sweden.  I was very happy to receive all of the videos and pictures that Anita sent (via whatsapp, twitter and even youtube links) as it meant that I could […]

  • reliable-cat-sitter-notting-hill

    Cat sitting Notting Hill – Blue

    by Charlie Davis – Cat sitting Notting Hill – Blue “I can’t recommend Anita highly enough. She is completely reliable, friendly and my only issue is my cat seems to like her more than he likes me!” NOTTING HILL CAT SITTING COMPANY If you have found yourself on this page, are a cat guardian and have […]

  • Cat sitting Bayswater – Sophie

    by Emma Webb – Cat sitting Bayswater – Sophie testimonial The regular email and photo updates really where a godsend! I was quite worried to leave Sophie on her own with a stranger – as she can be quite a nervous cat. But when I returned from holiday she was totally relaxed, and maybe even […]

  • Cat sitting Westbourne Park – Tiger and Jasper

    by Assunta Nicolini Anita has been always a wonderful and extremely reliable in her job looking after our two cats, Tiger and Jasper. Every time, both for short and longer periods Anita has been extremely  professional, not only regarding her care for our cats but also offering very helpful advices on cats behaviour and needs. […]

  • Cat sitting Notting Hill – Leo

    by Tara Petrolino Sullivan – Notting Hill Having moved from the US in August our cat, Leo, has been adjusting quite well to his Notting Hill digs. We knew the cross-Atlantic move was stressful and so when the holidays approached, we thought it would be best to keep him in the surroundings he feels most […]

  • Cat sitting W11 – Atena, Bolinhas and Moon

    by J Bello – W11 We needed a cat sitter during Christmas for our three female cats (11, 8 and 5 years old) and after a lot of research we decided on Anita. Our cats are not used to strangers at all and need a lot of time to warm up to someone new. While […]

  • Cat sitting Maida Vale – Anouk

    by Tanya Amaya – w9 I can’t say enough good things about Anita and her fabulous petsitting services.  I’ve had my sweet little Persian Anouk for 11 years now and while she is warm and cuddly with me it takes her a long time to warm up to strangers.  From the first time Anita came […]

  • Cat sitting W9 – Sol and Cleo

    by Joanne – Maida Vale Thanks for the fact sheet, Anita (& for those wonderful videos of Sol playing, which cheered me up on my first day back at work!) The fact sheet is very interesting & useful. We collected the keys okay, and are truly grateful for everything you did for Sol & Cleo […]

  • Cat sitting W11 – Napoleon

    by Guillaume Duval – Notting Hill For the first time we called a cat sitter as Christmas and the New Year period is very busy for every one. All of our friends and neighbours where not in or it proved complicated to have someone 5 days in a row so our local pet shop in […]

  • Cat sitting Holland Park – Daisy and Shelby

    by Jennifer Plummer – Holland Park Anita did a fantastic job looking after our two Persians while we were on holiday.  She spent time loving and playing with them, even bringing over a few new toys to keep them active and happy.  We loved that she sent us regular updates and pictures of our kitties, […]

  • Cat sitting Holland Park – Dotty

    by Victoria Noble – Holland Park My cat Dotty is very wary of strangers and I was really concerned to leave her, but Anita has worked wonders with her (she texted me several picture of Dotty playing and Dotty now sits on her lap) , I get daily updates and I am confident she is […]

  • Cat sitting Bayswater – Ashanti and Kitty

    by Laura – Bayswater Catnips has been taking care of our two cats during the Easter break, after we had problems with our previous cat feeding agency.   Anita is a very nice and friendly person who has been lovely with our two cats- she has played with them every day (even though one of […]

  • cat-behaviour-home-visit


    by Tanya Amaya – Maida Vale I am very happy with the service that Catnips provided!  While I’ve had several pet sitters in the past, I really feel like Anita is one of the few who truly cares about the quality of care and well being of my cat while I’m away.  I received daily […]

  • Augustus and Tiddlywinks

    by Dava Sagenkahn – W10 Anita is a caring and diligent cat sitter – she has a very special way with her ‘clients’ and they seem fantastically happy to see her and be in her care.  She shows great commitment and gives much thought to her work.  This is our first sit with Anita but […]

  • Maggie

    by Mary Caldecott-Smith – Harrow Road Everything was wonderful, thank you both so much.  I was a little freaked out as it was the first time I had left her for longer than 24 hours but she was absolutely fine, I particularly liked the photo updates – my sister uses another cat sitter as she […]

  • Tom in a pram

    by Sofia Olins I can’t tell you how relieved I am to have found someone I can trust, who is brilliantly professional and also good humoured- love my texted photo of Tom in a pram! Can’t thank you enough- it was amazing to contact you late one evening and have my cat sorted at the […]

  • Monte

    by Janine – W11 Anita was a lifesaver.  I was a bit nervous about leaving my baby Siamese (who I know can be a loud handful!) home alone for the first time but Anita totally put my mind at ease.  She was very professional and organized and even texted me every day to let me […]

  • Mabel and Archie

    by Joan Bowen – Harrow Road Finding Anita and Catnip has already been a godsend for our cats and our peace of mind – and it’s only been 2 weeks! We recently moved into the area from Greenwich and although we aren’t often both away at the same time we had 2 weekends in a […]

  • Notting-Hill-cat-care-cat-sitting-company


    by Simone Pizzuti – Notting-Hill-cat-care-cat-sitting-company testimonial We were really happy with the service received. When we got back, both cats were very relaxed like we’ve never left. The daily texts are particularly useful. I will definitely be recommending Catnips.   The Notting-Hill-cat-care-cat-sitting-company is a small reliable family run cat sitting business established in 2009 by cat behaviourist and […]

  • Notting Hill Cat sitting and boarding service

    Notting Hill Cat sitting and boarding service

    by Jody Boyd – Notting Hill Cat sitting and boarding service testimonial I’m so relieved to have found Anita so we travel without worrying about Maisie, or our flat!   I know that Maisie is receiving excellent care and lots of love and attention from Anita.  We always return to a relaxed and happy cat, and tidy […]

  • recommended-cat-sitter-Westbourne-Park


    by recommended-cat-sitter-Westbourne-Park testimonial I can thoroughly recommend Anita as a cat sitter. I have two middle aged persian ladies that can testify that she does a very good job. They decided they liked her pretty quickly after their initial normal wariness to strangers wore off … helped along by the cat nip bananas and pipe […]

  • west-london-cat-sitting-company


    by Sasha – west-london-cat-sitting-company testimonial (for hamsters this time ;-)) “If you are looking for a reliable, professional, experienced and genuinely animal loving pet-sitter….look no further than Anita! She is knowledgeable and conscientious and really endeavours to provide the best quality service. My 2 hamsters Soki & Smokey, and guinea pig Toby, received top class care […]

  • professional pet sitting in Holland Park and Notting Hill

    professional pet sitting in Holland Park and Notting Hill

    by Rita Mitchell – professional pet sitting in Holland Park and Notting Hill “Having recently moved to London from the US, I was extremely anxious about leaving Rilla and James in the care of someone new. After meeting Anita, I was confident that all would be well.  And it certainly was!  Anita sent me regular updates […]

  • Bugz

    by Maria Phanti – W2 Thank you for an excellent service!!  Leaving our cat to go on holidays is always stressful for us as he is part of the family.  However, the love, care and devotion you have shown to Bugz have given us total piece of mind and we were able to enjoy our […]

  • Kitty

    by Anneliese Murphy – W2 “Our usually friendly little kitten hid under the bed and hissed at Anita for three days. Finally she was won over by Anita’s charm and persistance and now has a new friend. We were very happy to come home to happy cat and a clean litter tray!” by

  • Pembridge

    by Dave and Sandra addison – W11 “Our usual cat sitter had moved and we were a bit nervous leaving Pembridge with a new cat sitter, however catnips provided an efficient  and conscientious service and we came home to a relaxed and happy cat. Thank you Anita and Gordon” by

  • Jeuni

    by Louise Olle – Kensal Rise Jeuni really took to Anita from the start and it was great getting the updates to put our minds at rest.  Anita also thoughtfully watered our garden during a hot spell which was much appreciated! by

  • Shania and Ambre

    by Jordan Ali – Ladbroke Grove This was the first time, we had to Leave our two kittens, aged between 7-8 months old, myself and my partner were very worried about leaving them behind, but after speaking to Anita, and finally meeting her, I immediately felt comfortable after seeing both my cats greet her. She […]

  • Corris

    by Shirley Jones Corris was very pleased to see me and has been very loving. She is very calm and peaceful which I’m sure is down to your great care of her so huge thanks for looking after her so well. I will keep up the brushing! Once again, thank you for everything, its been […]

  • Colwyn and Marlowe

    by Kim Khoo – Kensington Hi Anita Thanks so much for looking after our little tykes!  The photos and updates helped and were much appreciated while we were travelling.  But proof in the pudding, so to speak, was when we came home to find Colwyn and Marlowe their usual happy selves.  And a clean house […]

  • Wendell & Billy Bob

    by Cat sitting – Bayswater Megan McDonald I was a bit worried about leaving my two cats so soon after they had come to the UK. Luckily, I found Anita and was soon convinced that I could not be leaving them in better hands. Her daily updates and photos reassured me that they were doing […]

  • Grits and Bailey

    by Sally Atkins – Bayswater Leaving Grits and Bailey for three weeks was really wrenching for us….but getting the regular updates and photos from Anita was incredibly reassuring.  We came home to two very well-cared for cats.  When Anita stopped by, you could see that they were very happy to see her (as a new […]

  • RIP

    by Katie Forster – W10 Thank you so much for looking after Lucy so brilliantly! She was so happy and relaxed when I came home and the flat was pristine. She also loves the toys you gave her – the orange pipe cleaner being a particular favourite.. Finally, I really appreciated the regular text updates […]

  • Patience

    by Nadia Popovic Hi Anita,   Thank you for all your help looking after Patience last week.   I am very pleased to have found Catnips, and I will promote your fantastic service at every opportunity.   Patience is happy and relaxed and seems not to have missed me at all.   Perfect. by

  • Hugo

    by Pamela Merali – Hugo is a great judge of character and took an immediate like to Anita who looked after him very well and kept in touch while we were away.  Highly recommended. by

  • Flash

    by Carl and Amy – W11 “Leaving anything in your home during the Notting Hill Carnival is never an easy thing to do especially a 4 month year old Siberian kitten. This was not helped as ‘Flash’ has an extraordinary ability to leave you thinking she is utterly helpless every time you leave the apartment! […]

  • Muffin

    by Helen and James We had to go away for a few days and our arranged cat sitter, a vet nurse, stood us up at the last minute. Anita was great at helping us and accommodating us at short notice. Our cat is so used to being around people we were worried leaving him alone […]

  • cat-sitting-maida-vale-west-london

    by Simon Wailes – cat-sitting-maida-vale-west-london testimonial “We contacted Anita at very short notice to look after our pair of cats following a last minute change of plans. We had never used a cat sitting service before and were especially nervous since little Nico was only 15 weeks old at the time.  Anita came to see us […]

  • cat-sitting-w11

    by Nick and Cherayar – cat-sitting-w11 testimonial We got Ella from Battersea cats’ home 5 weeks before Anita’s first visit.  She was just a year old but had already had a rather traumatic life, so she was a very timid and sometimes reclusive cat.  She was starting to come out of her shell but we […]

  • original notting hill cat sitting company

    original notting hill cat sitting company

    by Michele Kelly – original notting hill cat sitting company testimonial “George was thoroughly spoilt by Anita and greeted her with lots of enthusiasm at the key return. He now has a new ‘aunty’ to give him love and affection when I’m away” The original notting hill cat sitting company is a small reliable family […]

  • original notting hill cat company

    original notting hill cat company

    by Karen Gywer – original notting hill cat company testimonial It has pained me in the past to go away on holiday leaving Pancho in the care of various time-strapped friends because he’s such a playful cat and wants loads of attention. So I felt great about having Anita come every day, as I knew […]

  • kitten boarding and cat sitting service

    kitten boarding and cat sitting service

    by Eli & Mark – kitten boarding and cat sitting service testimonial CoCo has had lots of fun with you and that’s easy to tell! He has improved his fetching technique with the yellow ball and has discovered he is a real hunter with the rabbit skin toy you left us. He seems more relaxed […]

  • london notting hill holland park cat sitter

    london notting hill holland park cat sitter

    by Christine Anderson – london notting hill holland park cat sitter testimonial Our mummy and daddy went away on holiday and left us for 2 weeks but we were very lucky because they found Anita to take care of us.  We spent our first 6 weeks living rough and prefer the security of our own home and creature comforts so Anita […]

  • cat sitting london notting hill W11

    cat sitting london notting hill W11

    by Sandra Goode – cat sitting london notting hill W11 testimonial Thanks so much Anita, for looking after Tilly so well. I loved getting the photos and progress reports. She was clearly relaxed and not at all stressed. I was quite nervous about leaving her, but will feel a lot happier about going away in future. This cat sitting london notting hill […]

  • cat sitting service for Notting Hill Gate and surrounding areas

    cat sitting service for Notting Hill Gate and surrounding areas

    by Charlotte Reynolds – cat sitting service for Notting Hill Gate and surrounding areas “Jacko is a very old boy at the grand old age of 22, so you can imagine he needs some pretty special care. He generally does sleep most of the time considering his age, but he is very much a people cat […]

  • exclusive cat sitting service Maida Vale

    exclusive cat sitting service Maida Vale

    by Christina Psomadakis – exclusive cat sitting service Maida Vale testimonial Thank you so so SO much for taking care of my precious little Boubou while I was gone over the Easter weekend. After meeting you I felt 100% that I had found a lovely and trustworthy cat lover to leave my kitty with, and […]

  • ladbroke-grove-cat-sitters


    by Rob Mansfield – ladbroke-grove-cat-sitters testimonial We really appreciated your help with Fifi and will definitely give you a call in future when we go away. We were concerned when Fifi was diagnosed with diabtetes, that it would hinder our ability to go on holidays, but your expert care for her has proved invaluable. This ladbroke-grove-cat-sitters […]

  • cat sitting service local to notting hill

    cat sitting service local to notting hill

    by Stacey and Justin Britt – cat sitting service local to notting hill testimonial We’re so happy to have found Anita, and we’re sure that our two cats, Pinky and Ophelia feel the same way. Our cats are our babies, and leaving them at home while we’re away is always anxiety inducing. They’re getting on in […]

  • Westbourne Park cat sitting company

    by Jane Bullen – W10   Westbourne Park cat sitting company feedback Jojo and lulu are very important members of the family and as rescue cats need the stability and security of their home.  Anita’s help meant I could leave them with minimal disruption to their lives and they were both well cared for in my […]

  • pet sitting service W11

    by Natalie Williams – pet sitting service w11 feedback Very pleased I found you, as I am much more relaxed about going away on holiday now I have seen how my 2 cats like you even the shy one. I would thoroughly recommend your services to any other pet owner who wants to know that […]

  • professional cat sitting local to W10

    professional cat sitting local to W10

    by Jenni Semmens – professional cat sitting local to W10 testimonial   My fiancée and I love to travel, but we hate leaving our sweet little cat “Bee” behind.  Bee loves human company and we worry about her being lonely.  So we are extremely glad we found Anita and Catnips! Anita really goes that extra mile to […]