Cat Behaviour Testimonials

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    cat behaviour testimonial from Foxgrove Vets

    by Below is a cat behaviour testimonial from Foxgrove Vets…… I had the pleasure to refer one of my patients to Anita Kelsey a few weeks ago, a cat named Fantomas with serious anxiety issues that were cause of great concern for his owners. Anita’s response was immediate and effective, I afterwards received a very […]

  • vet referred cat behaviour consultant

    Vet referred cat behaviour consultant

    by Silvia Prigitano – Head veterinary surgeon, Vets 4 Pets. St Albans. I want to thank Anita Kelsey, cat behaviour consultant, who was suggested to me by another vet as a reliable cat behaviourist who is a member of the CFBA (Canine and Feline Behaviour Association) I have been through a difficult situation with my cat Juice, […]

  • feline aggression testimonial

    by feline aggression testimonial Eleanor Langton – behaviour consultation testimonial Anita has been very helpful and supportive with advice on how to deal with feline aggression. She considered all aspects of the environment and helped us to understand our cats interactions better. We have been especially grateful for her continued emotional support, reassurance and advice […]

  • wimbledon mobile cat grooming

    by wimbledon mobile cat grooming Louise Evans – cat Dexter I got in touch with Anita to groom my Maine Coon cat, Dexter. Despite owning an array of grooming items, and my best efforts, it was extremely difficult to groom him because he hated it so much. The situation escalated to the point that Dexter […]

  • cat behaviourist London

    cat behaviour testimonial Harrow

    by cat behaviour testimonial Harrow by Sherri Paradisopoulos Nero: I was recommended to seek Anita’s help by a friend with Nero’s over grooming. He had no problems before our older 16 year cat Hector had to be put to sleep 2.5 years ago. Nero was very attached to Hector and looked up to him like a […]

  • cat grooming for aggressive cats

    cat grooming consultation for aggressive cats

    by ONE ON ONE GROOMING/BEHAVIOUR CONSULTATION FOR CATS THAT HATE BEING GROOMED It is not about controlling the cat during a cat grooming session. It is about us changing HOW we work with the cat – in other words.. working WITH the cat. Patience and understanding are the key with each individual cat. Anita Kelsey – […]

  • cat grooming for aggressive cats

    Cat behaviourist feedback for: Alfie

    by Margot Rowland – Cambridge Was a brilliant 3 and a half hours though, learned a lot, so glad I called you!!!! He actually plays with a rod toy now, and he practically prostituted himself for your catnip mice…. You are a truly awesome woman. You never spoke down to me and connected with both […]

  • Cat behaviourist feedback for: Fifi

    by Chatarina Raholm – Lewisham I’m very happy to say that Fifi has not peed on any furniture since your visit. I made a few changes and she is much happier….. So thank you very much for your time and suggestions, it has made us so much happier not having to clean up pee from […]

  • Cat behaviourist feedback for: Holly

    by Anita Walsh – Teddington I have some experience of keeping cats – having had them for over twenty years – but when I contacted Anita about Holly I was at a total loss. Holly is a rescue cat who was quite traumatised, and who would not go on to the floor at all – […]

  • Cat behaviourist feedback for: Noodles

    by Joan Klein – NW10 We have had no toilet accidents since contacting Anita and I am convinced all of her advice helped enormously   Vet recommended cat behaviour counsellor If you have found yourself on this page and are a cat guardian, with a few cat issues to iron out,  it’s more than likely […]

  • Cat behaviourist feedback for: Maggie

    by Mary Caldwell – NW10 When I first adopted Maggie she was a crazy one year old. She was not using the litter tray and was clearly unhappy and nervous. She spent most of her days hidden under a table and was using my bed as a litter tray. Luckily I found Anita. Her help […]