• review of kalven cat scratchers by Anita Kelsey

    by By Anita Kelsey  I love finding great cat products so when I came across the cat scratchers and climbers  of Kalvens™ I got very excited indeed! Many clients of mine either buy small scratchers for their cats (when they were kittens) but don’t think of replacing them when their cheeky tinkers become adults or […]

  • xmas present for cat lovers

    Claws. Confessions Of A Professional Cat Groomer By Anita Kelsey

    by      THE FIRST BEHIND THE SCENES CAT GROOMING BOOK NEW AND UNIQUE   “Laugh out loud funny stories. Definitely a book for cat lovers” – Your Cat Magazine  ‘A Real Insight Into Feline Behaviour. Hilarious’ – Love Sunday magazine (Mirror) “Great little snapshots into the ordinary lives of the average cat owning Great […]

  • lucky kitty fountain review

    lucky-kitty fountain review

    by lucky kitty fountain review for Fountana GmbH & Co. KG by London cat behaviour consultant Anita Kelsey It’s not often that I am sent an electrical cat product that is practically silent. However, this beautiful kitty drinking water fountain hardly makes a peep so perfect for all cat types and owners listening out for annoying […]

  • cat grooming fees - what do they cover?

    cat grooming fees – what do they cover?

    by Ever wondered about cat grooming fees – what do they cover? Tonight I sat watching a cat grooming video on You Tube. The groomer was demonstrating how to do a lion cut. In the room was the groomer, the owner and a person filming. I was appalled at how the cat was being treated. […]

  • cat grooming fees - what do they cover?

    cat grooming lessons for cat owners

    by Are you seeking cat grooming lessons for cat owners? Anita Kelsey, cat grooming specialist and cat behaviour consultant, is now offering one on one mobile cat grooming lessons for cat owners. Whether you have a long haired breed such as a Persian or Ragdoll or whether your cat has short hair like a Russian Blue, […]

  • The Notting Hill Cat Sitting Company Gallery

    cat superstitions from around the world

    by  6 CAT SUPERSTITIONS FROM AROUND THE WORLD By Anita Kelsey 2016.. Article written for Style Tails What is it about the cat that has fascinated humans for so long? As far back as the time of the pharaohs, the cat has managed to connect itself to strange myths and superstitions, more than any other animal. […]

  • help with a grieving cat

    clinical animal behaviourist

    by What is a Clinical Animal Behaviourist? There is a lot of disinformation on the internet. Everyone appears to be an expert. Clients who have a problem with their animals will often seek a solution online before calling a professional in. Many times irreparable damage has been done by not calling a professional right from […]

  • Cat groomer London

    cat behaviour consultation for cats that hate being groomed

    by Cat aggression during grooming The way forward. Do you have: A cat that hates being groomed A cat that shows aggression during grooming Are you frustrated with constant matting due to aggression Anita Kelsey can offer highly personalised behaviour consultations that are connected to grooming. These consultations take into account your cat’s individual personality when […]

  • forget 50 shades of grey… here’s 50 shades of cat

    by Read the book, seen the film and still feel like you need some extra Ummppffff? Have no fear… here’s the sequel. Forget 50 shades of grey… here’s 50 shades of cat As a cat behaviourist and cat grooming specialist I work with the most amazing cats and human caretakers. I always carry my camera […]

  • the plight of the black cat

    by In the wonderful, often quirky, parallel universe of the cat lover, where cats rule the roost, there’s one cat that seems to have innocently caught itself up in all manner of myths and superstitions and who I personally think has and still is drawing the short fish flavoured straw.   I never really thought […]

  • Holistic cat grooming London

    Holistic cat grooming London

    by A different approach to Holistic cat grooming London and the rise of the holistic cat grooming movement. Author: Anita Kelsey: Notting Hill cat behaviour counsellor. Copyright. 7th September 2014 I have been grooming cats for 6 years now, although I feel like the journey has been much longer due to the ever-changing way I […]

  • do I need to bath my cat

    do I need to bath my cat?

    by By Anita Kelsey: Copyright Jan 2015 I recently had a discussion regarding a short haired moggie being introduced to the bathing process and disliking it intensively. When I said that most cats clean themselves very well without our help, the reply came “yes, your cat can clean himself but it’s his saliva all over […]