Cat sitting registration form

Please state that you have read Catnips Policy and Procedures form and have noted the cancellation policy. These would have been sent to you via email.
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Alarms: Do you have an alarm? Any alarm details are to be sent away from this form which notes your address. *
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Please state that you have given permission for Anita Kelsey or her carefully vetted assistants to enter your home to feed and care for your cat(s) during vacations or business trips: *
Keys: Do you wish your keys to be held securely for any future sitting periods? *


Cat's name(s) *
Description of cat(s) *
Microchip No(s) *
Run of house? Outdoors? Limited to? *
Feeding Instructions - (please ensure enough food has been left for the duration you are away) *
Any territorial aggression especially to strangers entering the home? or petting aggression? *
Location of supplies? *
Location of emergency basket: *
Habits of cats / Hiding places/ Likes/Dislikes? *
Any medical history that needs to be known? *
Any known separation anxiety? *
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Local emergency contact: *
Persons with keys to your home IE Cleaner: (this is a back up in case of a rare lock out or problem with keys) *
Key difficulties: (Any known quirks with lock or key)? *


During my absence, Catnips will be caring from my cat(s). In the events of an emergency I authorise my veterinarian to administer medical treatment. I will be responsible for any treatment for payment directly to my veterinarian upon my return. Should my chosen vet not be available I authorise Catnips to transport my cat(s) to a vet of choice to authorise treatment. If emergency care is needed after regular hours my cat(s) may be taken to the nearest emergency clinic/hospital *
I agree that Catnips can charge for their time dealing with an emergency including transportation time. I agree to cover all expenses relating to, but not limited to, vet charges, extra visit fees and transportation fees. *




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