Cat Grooming Acton – Lulu

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Rooney and Matthew – Acton

“ A very quick and personal reply put us instantly at ease knowing that Lulu would be treated by professionally trained experts.

We were extremely happy. Lulu was treated with such care by people who clearly genuinely care about cats. Lulu’s grooming took some time yet the experience did not leave her at all distressed. She looked beautiful after her treatment; despite having a great deal of hair removed, she still retained her beautiful shape. We were particularly pleased with how her deep matted areas were dealt with.

We were thrilled with the professional treatment Lulu was provided with and will most definitely use Catnips in the future. The care and professionalism that was shown towards Lulu was simply excellent and we felt more than confident in entrusting her care to Catnips. Lulu looks beautiful and has in no way been left distressed by her grooming session. Thank you Catnips for your absolutely excellent treatment of our cat”

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