cat behaviour testimonial from Foxgrove Vets

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Below is a cat behaviour testimonial from Foxgrove Vets……

I had the pleasure to refer one of my patients to Anita Kelsey a few weeks ago, a cat named Fantomas with serious anxiety issues that were cause of great concern for his owners.

Anita’s response was immediate and effective, I afterwards received a very thorough report of her assessment of the situation and her recommendations.

In a follow up call from Fantomas’ owners I was informed that he was making significant progress by following Anita’s recommendations and they were very happy about the referral.

I was positively impressed by Anita’s quick response and thoroughness, and her willingness to cooperate with me and keep me informed about the case.

I believe she is an asset when it comes to cat behavioural issues, which unfortunately are becoming more and more common in house-cats.

I will be happy to continue referring cases to her should the opportunity arise.


Marcella Chelli-Nuzzo MRCVS, MSc – Foxgrove Vets

cat behaviour testimonial from Foxgrove Vetscat behaviour testimonial from Foxgrove Vets

If you have read a cat behaviour testimonial from Foxgrove Vets you should feel confident to contact Anita to see you and your cat. Please ask your vet to refer your case to Anita via email on or alternatively drop Anita a quick email outlining the issues you are currently having with your cat(s).

All enquiries are most welcome.


Home consultations are preferred over Skype or telephone consultations. Why? Because Anita feels this gets the best results. Understanding how a cat is perceiving the world around it and seeing what IT is seeing within the environment is KEY to unlocking the mystery of what is going on.

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cat behaviour testimonial from Foxgrove Vets
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About the Author


Anita Kelsey graduated from Middlesex University with a first class Honours degree (work based) in Feline Behaviour and Psychology. She runs a vet referral cat behaviour consultancy in Notting hill, London. Anita also trained in cat grooming at master level and is known for her valuable work with extremely aggressive cats. She is a regular contributor to Your Cat magazine, Cats Protection magazine and The Canine and Feline Behaviour Association of which she is a fully member. Anita is fully recognised, by pet insurance companies and veterinary practices, as an accredited qualified cat behaviour practitioner. Home visit consultations are offered in London and anywhere else in the UK.