Best Feline Interactive Toys

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Toys and play therapy are essential for a cat’s wellbeing especially an in-door cat. Play therapy promotes stimulation, hunting, exercise and human to cat bonding. All things a cat needs to remain alert and healthy.

I sell some of the best feline interactive toys out there. I have had first hand experience with these toys and always see the best results from them.

I look for four key things when buying toys for cats, especially the in-door cat.

  1. How the toy moves. Does it look and move like real prey
  2. What is the toy made of. Real fur and feather toys are amazing. Sourced ethically of course.
  3. Durability. How long will the toy last?
  4. Will it get the cat moving? Stimulation is key

Here’s some photo’s of the best feline interactive toys. If you are interested in receiving a list of the best sourced toys out there then please drop me an email. You will be sent a photo of each toy along with pricing. The fur toys have been sourced ethically.

Interactive behaviour modification toys are highly recommended from a cat behaviourist point of view.. and the cats I am sure!!

Many people say their cats sleep all day or do not play with toys but get the right toys and I think you will be surprised by your cats sudden energy and interest.


Happy playing with your cat!


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Recommended interactive cat toys

cat behaviour interactive cat toys

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